Learn to Grow Your Love Relationship

Love is a universal experience that transcends gender, race and religious affiliation. It is something that everyone enjoys having in their lives. While there are different definitions of love as it relates to spirituality, one common element across all is the ability to give love unconditionally. Love encompasses a broad range of positive and strong emotions, from the strongest spiritual virtue or good behavior, to the purest emotional pleasure, the most intimate personal bonding.

Of course, everyone wants to feel like they are in love. Some people go through great lengths to experience this feeling, while others crave it when they are hurt or sad. Love makes us laugh, cry, feel joy and even think of funny things. However, when you are in love you feel like you cannot possibly be happy without it, and this is because unconditional love is a powerful, unyielding quality. When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you have faith that they will always return the affection when they are hurt, and you are certain they feel that same care and devotion for you when you are happy.

If you can truly love another person with all of your heart and soul, then you can appreciate and reciprocate that special form of affection whenever you are in a place where romance is enjoyed. Even if you are just thinking about spending time with your significant other, if you feel like you can’t get the feeling out of your mind then you should immediately close your eyes and envision the feelings of romance and love. Picture yourself giving and receiving unconditional love for the remainder of your life and try not to open your eyes again. If the visualizations are too strong, then remember that you have already experienced the depth of romantic love once before and that the soothing effects of those feelings can help you keep a romantic relationship moving forward.

When you are in a place that romance is shared, but intense feelings of affection and desire are not experienced, remember that you are still falling in love with the person. The most important thing is that you do not become jealous or start analyzing every little thing about them that reminds you of them. When you use your analytical side too much, negative emotions can take control and before you know it you are arguing and bickering with this person over every little thing, which may only drive them away from you further. Use your analytical mind to guide you instead, and remember that even though you might not be falling in love with this person right now, at least you know that you are in love with the other person’s essence, and that is definitely something positive and passionate.

If you fall into love and realize that your emotions are stronger than the love that you feel for the other person, then you can admit it and work with those stronger emotions to release them. If you are able to do that, then you will soon find yourself feeling like you can never leave this person, and that you cannot live without them. If this is happening to you, then the next step is to find ways to strengthen the inner strength that is within you so that you can stay strong in spite of whatever circumstances come your way. You must learn how to let go of unhealthy feelings and develop instead healthy ones if you want to find true love.

There is nothing wrong with being afraid of love. After all, if you feel that you cannot find another person who will love you as much as you love this person, then you are perfectly content with that. Fear is something that can hold you back from finding what you really desire. Instead of letting it hold you back, face it head-on and make the decision to move forward with love instead. Once you face the fear of love, the more powerful your love will become and the easier it will become for you to find your person’s heart.