A Modern Man’s Guide to Kissing

A kiss is really the pecking or pressing of one’s lip against an object or another human being. Most cultural definitions of kissing also differ wildly. For example, in many parts of the United States a kiss is not equivalent to the romantic gesture of a kiss. A quick look at the American family tree would demonstrate that this is indeed not the case. It is a far cry from the widespread practice of kissing in modern America.

In European cultures, on the other hand, kissing has long been taken for granted. Where else does a kiss really matter? It matters in many other ways, too. Wherever men and women kiss, it is taken as a sign of affection, a seal of closeness, or even an invitation to further intimacy. The practice of kissing is not limited to any particular culture. It is accepted universally, with no exceptions, anywhere people go.

In today’s world it is very common for both partners in a relationship to participate in some form of public kissing. The kiss can be a slow dance, a simple, sincere kiss, or a prolonged passionate kiss. If your partner is not used to being kissed in public, he or she might take some convincing, or learn to like it, before participating. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship where kissing is a regular event, it may be that your partner needs some practice, and so will you.

Kissing is like speaking to someone: you must get to know your partner before kissing him or her. To do this, kiss your way towards your partner’s mouth, using your tongue. Do not just “bite” your tongue to try to kiss someone; this is very unbecoming and unoriginal. Try to gauge your partner’s mood or likes and dislikes before you kiss him or her. If he is ticklish, soften your kisses by using your lips.

Some of our favorite kissing customs have evolved through the ages, as people have found more ways of pleasuring one another. One of these ways is to use “lip rolls”, which are simply rolls of the lips. This makes it easier to kiss, and leaves little or no lumps. Another popular “lip kiss” technique is to curl your lips around your partner’s mouth and gently press them into his or her mouth. Use your teeth to bite your partner’s lip.

In modern society, there is much kissing going on between couples, whether it is done in public or in private. Whether your partner is entering you in a romantic kiss, or is just looking for a quick touch up from you, your kiss is sure to thrill him or her. Just remember that to really enjoy it, and to kiss properly, you should spend time learning how to kiss. You should kiss like a true gentleman, and let your lips do the work!