A Vegetarian Diet

In our human dealings with other people, we tend to relate things to people, things to animals and things to spirit. The most common word that comes to mind when you consider animal ethics is “food”. In most societies around the world, it is taboo to eat animals, be they consumed meat, eggs or milk products. We are used to thinking that eating something brings with it certain level of spiritual purity, but in fact this is not always the case.

Nouns: Human beings can relate things to animal in many ways. Carnal can mean simply that but more frequently connotes the ‘unlawful’ indulgence of one’s fleshly nature. given that in many societies, even today, it is still a legal offense to kill an animal, this can mean the violation of animal rights as well. fleshly can also mean simply just this but more frequently means sensually, especially an act or expression of the sensual.

Advantages of a Vegetarian Diet Vegetarians (and everyone should be) are healthier and generally better off than carnivorous individuals. For those who do become carnivores to at least some degree (such as through disease), being a vegetarian can be a blessing. The biggest advantage of a vegetarian diet however, is that it is nutritionally balanced and is highly nutritious. In other words, by cutting out meat, you are not only being healthier but you will also have access to all the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins needed to grow and develop optimally.

Problems Associated with a Vegetarian Diet The most obvious problem associated with a vegetarian diet is the fact that it eliminates animal meat from your life. There are however many other problems that vegetarians face as well. One such problem is a lack of meat in their diets. In order to get proteins, which are important to a vegetarian diet, they must turn to soy and tofu. As these foods are difficult to find in stores, this presents a challenge.

Also, while you are giving up meat, the animal will experience no loss of mass. Since animal meat is dead, the animal will continue to grow in size, just as it would in the wild. This means that in the coming years, when the land becomes too crowded and the lack of space causes an increase in animal numbers, humans will be forced to exterminate all the animals on the land. So, if you want to be a vegetarian, be prepared for a future that could see you forced to kill innocent life in the name of a new veggie diet.

A Vegetarian Diet vs. a Vegan Diet Animal rights activists have often fought hard against animal rights abuses. The fact of the matter is, most animals suffer far more abuse at the hands of humans than they do at the hands of animals. This does not mean, however, that a vegetarian diet will cause cruelty to animals. It simply means that by choosing to eat vegetables and fruits, you will be supporting the rights of those animals that are abused for their food. By eating a vegetarian diet, you are doing a large part in taking steps towards making the world a better place.