Kissing 101


Kissing 101

Kiss is an American hard rock band formed at the end of January 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss. Their original music was influenced by such bands as Buffalo Springfield, Cream, Black Sabbath, and the Doors. Their original singer was Paul Stanley and they changed their name to prevent people from confusing them with another band from Europe called Kiss. They went on to record four albums and went on to tours in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Their first album, The Kinks, went straight to number one in the United States, selling thirty-two copies in its first week. Kiss quickly went back to the top of the hard rock charts with their second album, Stairway to Heaven. Their third album, Live, contained some of their biggest hits, including “Hotel California” and “Bodhisattva.” Though it didn’t hit the top ten, Live was still a huge hit. With Live, Kiss became known for their raucous crowd screams, their hypnotic guitar riffs, and their constant song lyrics. With a sound that was similar to that of Cream and Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss quickly became one of America’s biggest hard rock bands.

Kiss made their major label debut with the release of their fourth album, Aces High, which came out the following year. Unfortunately, this album failed to gain any further popularity in the United States, even though Kiss did record three more singles that reached the top ten. Another album, Viva La Vida, came out the following year, featuring singles like “Whiskeytown” and “ivated.” Viva La Vida also included a cover version of the song, “Hits Me With A Swarovski.” By the end of the decade, Kiss was no longer around and they were largely forgotten by the mainstream audience.

In the late seventies, Kiss tried to reinvent themselves again, this time with the band lineup of Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee. However, the former Simmons only managed to last a couple of months before Simmons and Lee broke up. Kiss tried again with their fifth album, Fingersucker, but their attempt to attract a new audience was met with deafening silence. Finally, KISS guitarist and singer Markie Edwards stepped up to the microphone and asked for his listeners’ forgiveness. He then went on to play lead for Dream Theater, but once again, KISS was without a hit. Edwards then left the band, along with keyboardist/singer Lee heading back to Los Angeles to seek happiness with woman-man Gary Coleman.

Finally, in the eighties, Kiss was able to score a hit with “I’m a Snake Walking on the Sun,” an homage to Kiss founder Gene Simmons. Afterward, Simmons formed the band Kiss Perfect. The group’s mission statement centered around the idea that kissing was a way for people to express their affection and romance. To this day, there are not many artists who combine the act of kissing with an instrument as well as Simmons. There have been artists, such as Michael Jackson, who has tried to bring back the passion for kissing, but their efforts have fallen flat.

For most artists, the art of kissing comes easily when it is learned by watching a mentor teach it. But for many, learning to kiss is more than just an academic pursuit. They feel a real connection to their partner through the act of kissing and would go the extra mile to ensure that they get it right. Whether you are just starting out with someone or are in your mid-life crisis, being able to kiss your significant other properly can take you far. By learning the proper technique, you can kiss your partner properly so that both of you will enjoy it. A kiss can be the perfect way to show your affection; without proper kissing techniques, your relationship could end up being short lived.