Why Is Gaming Addiction So Serious?


Why Is Gaming Addiction So Serious?

A computer or video game is an interactive video game that usually involves interaction with a human user interface or input apparatus, such as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or some other type of pointing device, to generate non-authoritative visual feedback to the player. Video games can be found in all styles and genres, from educational, for children, to recreational, for adults, and for both children and adults. The most popular form of computer or video game entertainment today is online computer or video game gaming, which allows the player to take the role of a character in a virtual world that is not part of the players physical reality. Video games have been around for decades, but in recent years their popularity has significantly increased.

Video games, due largely to their overwhelming popularity, have spawned a number of related articles on the Internet, many of which address various issues associated with gaming. One of these articles discusses why it is acceptable for gamers to lose their lives while playing a video game. The author of this article contends that while virtual violence may seem extreme, it is often the case that players will push the envelope of what is acceptable, even if it means pushing themselves physically outside of their comfort zone. Other related articles address issues such as excessive spending on gaming accessories by gamers, the sometimes negative effect of gaming on children, and the sometimes negative effect of gaming on the relationships of the players with their friends. All of these articles discuss the serious issue of excessive gaming and the effects that it has on society in general.

Some gaming addiction help has been found through various groups and communities on the Internet. One such group operates through a website called “Gamers Anonymous” that includes a list of resources for those who suffer from gaming addiction or who are close to someone who does. Gamers Anonymous has gained a reputation as being a great support group for people who game and for those who are willing to speak about the problems they have become involved with. Many people have found tremendous relief through this online support group.