Health Promotion Through Multifaceted Practices


Health Promotion Through Multifaceted Practices

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are completely absent. Some definitions have even been used for other purposes like ‘the absence of disease’, ‘well being’ or ‘a state of health’. This however, does not necessarily mean the absence of pain or discomfort. What is meant is a condition where physical and mental elements are balanced and in keeping with a person’s will and needs.

Now what does this mean? It means that the quality of life is maintained in the light of managing both the physical as well-being, the emotional and the mental aspects. The concept of maintaining good health is often used in combination with concepts like well-being, stress management and coping. When all these aspects are managed in a successful way then it is possible to live a productive, contented life in spite of being plagued by physical illness or with psychological illness.

How are health promotion and well being promoted in everyday life? By utilizing and maximizing our personal resources such as time, money, interpersonal contacts, family support, education and exposure to various forms of positive stimulation, we can enhance our physical capabilities and improve our psychological health. These include enhancing the quality and quantity of our sleep, regulating blood pressure, monitoring our body weight and blood sugar levels, balancing our eating patterns and regular exercise and using appropriate health promotion strategies such as stress management programs and adopting healthy behaviors. This type of effort can be effective in minimizing the effects of both physical illness and psychological distress.