Beauty – A Social Disease


Beauty – A Social Disease

Beauty is widely defined as a subjective quality of things that makes these things pleasant to see. Such objects may include sunsets, landscapes, humans and other artistic works. Beauty, along with beauty, is perhaps the most important theme of aesthetics, among the most important branches of philosophy. In aesthetic thinking the aim is to create aesthetically pleasing objects and so beauty is an important part of this.

The topic of beauty has divided into many issues. What is beauty to some people may be very different from what others would consider to be a beauty. Aesthetic value is based not only on the pleasure it causes the observer, but also on the reaction it inspires in us. Some people say that beauty consists of the way something makes them feel, while other people say beauty is a matter of perception. The debate on beauty continues to rage today as people say that beauty is inherent in all things, while others believe that only certain objects are beautiful.

Today, most people base their definition of beauty on what they see around them. If you look at billboards, posters, magazine covers and even TV shows, you will notice that beauty is everywhere. For many, the beauty is found in nature and so is social media like beauty in a magazine cover or photos on a runway. The goal of this article was to describe how social media can help us define and appreciate beauty, as well as its role in beautifying our lives.