Self-Love Is The Key To Success


Self-Love Is The Key To Success

There are different kinds of love. Love is a broad range of emotions, feelings, and attitude. For some love is just more than being sexually attracted to someone, it is an emotional bond. People often mistake love for lust. However, love does not equal to lust.

Self-love or spiritual love means to have a strong relationship with yourself. Self-love does not equate to selfishness, because the good intentions for others will come from a strong inner belief in your own greatness and goodness. You will be a better person when you love yourself, because when you love yourself you are more inclined to love others. You will also be happier because you believe in your abilities more than you think you do.

Successful people are generous with love and affection. The more generous they are with their love, the more their partner will be reciprocating this love. They should also be generous with time, space, thoughtfulness, kindness, concern, choice and all the things that make up a loving relationship. It takes two hands to clap and it also takes two people to love each other. To achieve success both partners must be in love.

Jesus Christ was and is the perfect example of self-love. He said, “If you love me, keep me; if you don’t love me, who will? And he also said to the woman at the well, if you want the stone for the grave, have patience. From my father also comes this commandment, That every morning begin to do according to the will of your God, for he is love”; so if you want to become a successful person, it is your choice.

There are many who have found inner peace through Jesus Christ and have become the people he predicted he would be. John the Baptist was a great man who had self-love, compassion and love for his fellow man. If you seek spiritual love, he is the great messenger.

The secret of success in life is by working in the direction of the will of the Most High God. He said that if you obey what he says and love one person more than another, he will give you both grace to dwell in everlasting life. There is nothing in the universe that comes closer to this than the Most High God. So begin to move in the direction of this direction now. You will receive the love of your life and live as your soul desires.