Is Love a Good Thing? How Intimacy Can Improve Your Well-Being


Is Love a Good Thing? How Intimacy Can Improve Your Well-Being

When we talk about love, it’s easy to get caught up in the flowery language of today’s contemporary love fads and flowery language of yesterday. In fact, love is such a broad term that it can mean the same thing to different people; in other words, love is subjective, and there is no hard-and-fast rule associated with it. Love encompasses such a broad range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from a purest spiritual virtue or supreme level of good practice, the most profound personal joy, to the easiest pure pleasure.

Many people associate love with physical intimacy, but love is also a mental state-emotion, thought, or feeling-not a physical fact. Intimacy occurs when you are open and vulnerable to another person’s experience and attention. Romantic love is that first “inner connection” you feel when you two come together. The first feeling is usually excitement at the start of a relationship; the next feeling is often discomfort, as your bodies become familiar with one another. The ultimate feeling is total satisfaction, when you feel all your needs have been met and satisfied by your intimate partner.

While this initial excitement wears off, you may notice some changes in how you feel toward your partner. You may notice that you’ve grown apart in your thinking and in your feelings. This is not because you are withdrawing from your partner; rather, you are learning how to live with your true love. To move forward in your relationship with someone real, you must experience the good and bad feelings that come along with loving attachments.

You feel more connected than ever before to your partner, but there are some differences in how you interact with each other. As your feelings for one another grow, you will find that you begin to put them on a higher plane. You learn to appreciate one another’s friendship and the simple pleasures of being with your other half. By taking time to enjoy being around your other half, you are developing deeper, more meaningful connections.

Another way to develop deeper feelings for each other is to let yourself fall in love with one another. There are times when this can happen very quickly, especially if you’re already very attached to your partner. However, if you don’t allow yourself to fall deeply in love with the person you love, you will never learn to experience affection in a deeper way. In order to build intimacy and develop passionate love, you must allow yourself to experience complete closeness with one another.

Another important step toward building powerful intimacy is to focus all of your attention on your partner, as well as on your children. When we spend our attention exclusively on another, we become distracted from our own needs, feelings, and thoughts. You must devote your attention to your spouse and children, as well as to your emotional health and well-being. Focusing your attention on others will help to strengthen your bond with them. As your emotional well-being and physical health improve, you may find that you begin to experience more intense feelings for one another.