How To Kiss – Expressing Affection


How To Kiss – Expressing Affection

A kiss is actually the symbolic pressing or touching of one’s lips onto an object or another human being. Cultural connotations of romance change often. While the act itself may be romantic to one individual, it may be seen as inappropriate or even disgusting in another. When two people are kissing in public places, one commonly comments on the beauty and loveliness of the other person and expresses his or her appreciation for the beauty and loveliness exhibited in the kiss.

People kiss for different reasons. Some do it just for fun: it is one way of testing the other to see if he/she is as romantic as you think him/her to be. Also, in many societies, a romantic kiss means an agreement of two people to spend the rest of your lives together. For these reasons, there are numerous types of romantic kisses. The most famous types are: the undone kiss, the peck, the one-two-three, and the spoon kiss. Each has its own peculiarities and that is why they are among the more popular ones.

undo kiss: It is the most commonly practiced kiss among lovers. In this type of kiss, the opposite party gives his/her kiss and the first party reciprocates with a kiss on the opposite parts of the lips. However, this gesture is meant to imply a give and take relationship which can be seen between the two parties.

Peck: Also known as the sweetie kiss, this is a kiss commonly associated with courtship. In this type of kissing, the central or upper lips are pressed firmly together and then the lower lip is lightly caressed or brushed. The first kiss of this type was thought to have originated from the Roman Empire. There have been speculations that Oxytocin, a chemical in the body, played a part in the success of this kiss.

Twirl Kiss: This is another way of expressing affection through kissing. In this type of kiss, both of the partners’ lips are pulled to the point that it forms a semi-circular pattern. The giver’s mouth is then covered with the tongues of the receiver while the recipient’s tongue wraps around the giver’s mouth. Some people refer to this as a sweep or swirl kiss. The receiver will receive a sensual reward like a hard kiss when this technique is executed correctly.

These are just some of the many platonic gestures that can be used in expressing affection. It feels good to know that you don’t need to spend hours practicing this skill so that you can give your special someone a special kiss that means so much. There are many great resources available on the Internet that can help you to master this art of romance. The Internet is also chock full of blogs, forums and articles written by others on the same topic. By paying attention to the information out there and combining it with your training, you too can learn to be an expert kisser in no time at all. The truth is, the best way to learn how to kiss is simply to practice.