Kisses on the Cheek: Sign of Appreciation

Kisses on the Cheek: Sign of Appreciation

A kiss is basically the gentle touching or pressure of one’s lower lip against an object or another person. Although, cultural connotations of love differ widely from one culture to another. In some places, kissing is seen as a way of showing one’s affection to his/her girlfriend/boyfriend, whereas in some other places, it is seen as a way of showing one’s affection to a parent or a close friend. The dictionary defines a kiss as the “bond of soft and fluid bonding between two persons.”

Although there are many customs related to kissing, the one that has the maximum acceptance in the present day world is the holy kiss. It is commonly accepted that a kiss is a greeting. Most people, when they greet their near and dear ones with a kiss, it is seen as a sign of love and friendship. In the past, people used to greet each other with a kiss. There were certain customs that were followed but the holy kiss was the most accepted one.

A common place for a loving and sacred kiss in the North American culture is at the beginning of a business meeting or a social gathering. In America, a kiss on the cheek is considered to be quite acceptable. However, this is not the case in other cultures. In most of the Asian countries, a kiss on the cheek is seen to be a sign of disrespect and insult. Thus, people usually end their business meetings and social gatherings by either walking out or politely saying goodbye.

A more formal kiss, which is more common in the European cultures, is usually used during the courtship. Kissing is done to show the interest of the partner in the other person and also a sign of appreciation. A kiss given to the lady by her male partner also signifies affection. This is why it is believed that a man should kiss his wife before leaving her house for work.

In America, greeting people with a kiss on the cheek is considered to be polite. It is also a token of friendship especially among the young people. During a time when bodily expressions are not really important, the simplest form of expression is through the lips. The use of the lips in such acts shows that you truly care for that person. And as they say, “kissing has no language”, it is understood that any person of the opposite sex can also send a kiss without saying anything.

Kissing is a simple gesture that tells a lot about a person. Not only does it communicate affection, but it also says that you are open to receive romance and sensual acts from another person. Therefore, kiss on the cheek is a must for all people. A simple, sincere kiss will go a long way and help you connect with your partner better.