What Is Beauty?


Beauty is a concept that has several connotations. The first is the aesthetic appeal of something. Beauty can be natural or created by humans. For example, a person may find an apple of his eye beautiful, or a painting of a flower is beautiful. Others may find an object attractive purely because it is aesthetically appealing to them. Whatever the case, the meaning of beauty is subjective, but everyone’s individual experience is different. Regardless of the definition, there are countless definitions of beauty, and many philosophers disagree.

A study authored by Daniel Yarosh, a retired researcher in Behavioral Sciences, sought to deconstruct beauty standards. He argued that beauty standards are a result of human nature and that we have a tendency to “deceive” others. However, this study fails to address the influence of non-evolutionary forces, such as social pressure and the media. Ultimately, the study of beauty is a reflection of our societal needs.

The object of beauty is a complex of qualities that satisfy the aesthetic senses. The beauty of a face can be defined in various ways, including age, race, gender, colour, and body shape and weight. Similarly, beauty in a painting is a reflection of its details, but can’t be built from ugliness. Because of the nature of beauty, it’s impossible to construct beauty from ugliness. The same is true for a symmetry in nature.