The Passion of Romantic Love


The Passion of Romantic Love

We all know that love is a powerful word. The heart speaks the language of love, when the heart has been opened and expressed openly. You might say love is a gesture or expression of one’s appreciation, respect, caring, generosity, devotion, attachment, devotion, dedication, and joy for another. It is the feeling that your heart is filled with love for another person or thing. Love is an enduring kind of mental and emotional state that can be felt in many areas of life. When you are in love, everything seems possible and you reach great depths in your thoughts and feelings.

Love is a group of behaviours and emotions characterized by intense intimacy, commitment, passion, care, loyalty, desire, and trust. It involves compassion, affection, support, sensitivity, caring, desire, intimacy, and trusting. Love is possible in varying degrees and may vary over time. People can display loving behaviours towards family members, friends, and romantic partners, while being at different stages of their lives. The most important aspect of loving relationships is unconditional love; no matter what the behaviour is, the essential ingredient remains – love.

Loving others is the best thing that one can do. Loving another person starts from within and involves feelings of deep satisfaction, love, compassion, attachment, loyalty, trust, safety, security, commitment, pleasure, delight, ecstasy, satisfaction, peace, intimacy, sharing, and understanding. Loving another person also means respecting and loving the other person’s perspectives, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and personal characteristics. Loving someone means accepting and respecting the other person the way they are. This involves compassion, tolerance, understanding, and respond or react positively to their needs, expectations, thoughts, words, or behavior.

To experience love, you must have the ability to experience love. In humans, hormones called oxytocin are released into the brain when you feel special and when there is an opportunity to do so, the release causes the brain to flood with sensations of pleasure. However, there are times when these emotions are not appropriate and can lead to unhealthy behaviour. There are times when we have affairs with other people, start addictive behaviours, start taking ourselves out of the relationship, resort to violence, get involved in frivolous arguments, lie or deceive, or take on a disloyal partner. If you are experiencing any of these negative emotions, it is time for you to experience love in your life.

Love does not always come easily. It takes effort and patience. If you are used to having your needs met in a certain way then you might not be ready for love, because it is a completely different experience. For instance, to have romantic love in a relationship you might want someone else to fulfill all of your needs. You might want someone else to listen to you, to understand you, to be physically attracted to you, to be your partner, to be your friend, to share secrets with you… There are many different needs that need to be fulfilled for a relationship to be established as romantic love.

Romance is intense feelings of caring, bonding, intimacy and passion between two people who are romantically involved with one another. Romance is experienced when you are not alone, when you are secure and when you can let your relationship go at your pace without being controlled by others. The most common of all the love styles is the emotional kind. However, people can fall in love in very different ways and often experience varying levels of affection for different partners. No matter what your relationship style, if you are having feelings of intense emotions, love, desire, compassion, joy, happiness and even admiration then you are having a romance.