The Benefits of Sports


Sports have always been a part of childhood, but no one knows when they were invented. It may have been around when humans first developed the basketball or volleyball. It was created to meet the perceived need of people living in colder climates. It has been the basis for all types of games since then. Throughout history, the sport has been a great way to bond and stay active. Many cultures and societies have derived their identity and sense of self from sports.

The evolution of sports has been gradual, but the emergence of scientific developments has spurred its development. During the Industrial Revolution, athletes became increasingly focused on physical training and competitions. Games were invented according to specific rules and specifications. The concept of quantification became a major factor in sport in the late seventeenth century. This was the same time as the word “record” first made its way into the English language. Now, it is not only an important part of sports but also a source of cultural pride.

In addition to the physical benefits of sports, it also benefits young girls. Many adolescent girls suffer from lower self-esteem than boys and are convinced that their bodies are only useful to arouse the interest of a man. However, statistics compiled by the Women’s Sports Foundation reveal that sports participation is associated with significant benefits for young girls. Girls who participate in school athletics are 92 percent less likely to use drugs, eighty percent less likely to become pregnant, and three times more likely to graduate from college.