Love Is a Vibration Within You


Love Is a Vibration Within You

Love is described as the sensation of love when it is given, received and felt. A feeling that pervades every human being, human love expresses the highest aspirations and the highest needs. Love is the most basic need of every human being. It is not only the strongest desire in the soul of man, but also the greatest incentive for every activity and development.

The most profound emotion experienced by humans in their lives is love. It encompasses a range of positive and negative emotional and psychological states, from the deepest romantic love or altruistic behavior, the most sublime ethical principle, to the most tranquil soothing pleasures. Love has been called the “invisible bond” because its effects are so widely felt, yet remain unseen by the object of our love. If I were asked to sum up the essence of love in one word, it would probably be “conditional love.”

We know from old English that the verb to love has to do with “to enjoy,” while the word lovingly has something to do with “to be loved.” Thus, to enjoy affection means to enjoy being loved. How we love another person is by expressing our highest romantic feelings toward them. But true love does not just happen; it is something that must be sought and appreciated. Love differs from romantic feelings in that true love is more complex and subtle than a simple liking for someone. True love involves affectionate concern, desire, trust, and reliance on another person.

To say that someone I love is loved is an oversimplification of how love works. The concept of loving is not simply a matter of being emotionally attracted to someone. To love someone means that you want to be with that person and that you have faith and confidence in them. One can love someone in spite of certain facts that may persuade us otherwise. To express unconditional love to another person is to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their motivations for doing things that are difficult or unpleasant for us.

True love, however, is a deeper form of affection. It involves feelings that run much deeper than a surface level of romantic love. Unconditional love cannot be based on superficial reasons such as a desire for one’s partner’s attentions or a hope that he/she will return someday. Such motives can create only a shallow level of happiness in which the desired benefits of affection are realized. Our deeper feelings about another person must be based on respect and understanding rather than superficial satisfaction.

To appreciate another person means being able to connect with his innermost feelings. Our feelings about another person must not be based on superficial aspects of lust, but on what really matters to him/her. This is the heart of true romance and the foundation for a fulfilling, long lasting relationship.