Kissing Notes: Do You Know What Makes a Kiss Work?

Kiss is an American punk rock band established in New York City in January of 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss. The guys met when they were high school and they went on to play together in several different groups. They later became Kiss. Kiss has been gone from the scene but was back in the news when Gene Simmons got into a dispute with his former band mate, Kiss bassist, Tommy Lee, over the royalties from their song, ‘Reelin’ in the Shower’. After the argument, Simmons and Lee went their separate ways, leaving Kiss without a bassist.

This was not the only time that Kiss pulled a plug on their music. When they were going to record a song called ‘I Remember You’, they decided to leave out the musical instruments. They instead put their vocals into the recording and made what would become one of the most recognizable rock songs ever with the lyrics, ‘Don’t Take Me Alive’. This song has gone on to become an MTV favorite. The video also went viral, which is why it is always on the top of the charts.

Another example of a kiss being taken too far is when David Letterman kisses Al Gore on his talk show. When Letterman asks Al if he knows where he keeps the towels, Al reveals that he keeps them at his closet in Washington, D.C. Then Al proceeds to kiss George W. Bush. This is problematic because both of these acts have been widely criticized by numerous religious and cultural communities in the United States. The fact that Al and David are kissing someone that they may never see again in this lifetime is disturbing. On a more positive note, it has brought up the question of where is the line between love and lust?

Although most people have a clear picture in their minds about where a kiss can or cannot take place, studies have shown that there is often a blurry line between kissing and sexual attraction. Some people view kissing as something more innocent like putting your lips on a new or sexy person. However, some studies have shown that the definition of a kiss has changed over time due to societal pressure from other individuals.

For instance, in modern society, a kiss between husband and wife has often been equated with intimacy and a sexual attraction. However, in ancient times, the kiss was much more than that. It was often used as a means to keep connected during travel and war. As such, it was not uncommon to see married couples kissing during these times. In fact, the Bible even advises that a Christian should not look at lust as something to desire but rather to seek out for mutual affection between partners.

Finally, I would like to mention that, while I believe that there are no rules surrounding kissing, I do consider that some women may be sensitive to the rules. Therefore, it is important to always be aware of any potential sensitivity when it comes to kissing. When in doubt, always test your sensitivity by testing your lips around her mouth? If it instantly tingles, then you may have a problem. Also, take note of what kind of tastes she may have after kissing you and use this information to gauge whether you want to kiss her again in the future.