How Do You Find True Love? Relationship Advice For Men

Love is a simple word that can mean many different things. Most commonly, when we speak of love, it is usually used in romantic situations, such as romantic love, platonic love, or even familial love. However, love is often used in much more innocent and “warm” terms. Love encompasses a whole array of positive and strong emotions, from the strongest personal faith, to the most sublime religious emotion, the purest romantic passion, to the easiest fun or delight.

In order to better understand love and its various aspects, it is important to think about how love languages are used. In a nutshell, love languages refer to how a person communicates his or her feelings to another person. The most common love languages are: verbal, non-verbal, and musical. Here are the general thoughts shared by each love language, and their unique connection to a relationship:

Verbal love languages share positive emotions with another person. They include compliments, jokes, “I love you,” “Hmmm, I love you,” “How are you?” – the list goes on. These forms of romance tell one another what they like about one another, and they build a strong foundation of mutual respect and admiration for one another.

Non-verbal forms of love, on the other hand, share positive emotions and feelings, but do not communicate verbally. Some of these include: “You’re beautiful,” “You’re sexy,” “Your smile means so much to me,” “I love the way you kiss me,” “I love the way you touch me.” These non-verbal forms of romance are important in building strong relationships because they help ensure that one another will be attentive to one another’s needs. A couple who builds on a positive emotional foundation will be infinitely faithful to one another, and will have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship.

To find your partner, you must first find yourself. You need to realize that true love means much more to the one you love than words ever could. True love means meeting your partner, hearing their voice, being able to hold them tight, cuddling them, loving them deeply – this is the type of love that you will feel if you have found the one. You can’t win someone’s love through the written word – your words are mere pieces of a puzzle. To truly meet your partner, you have to give them your heart, and open yourself up to sharing all your thoughts, your emotions, with the one you love.

True love means saying yes, letting yourself be vulnerable, opening yourself up to give love to another, and loving unconditionally. Yes, love means allowing yourself to feel passion in a different way than you might normally, or at least trying it. Yes, love means forgiving your partner when they make a mistake. Yes, love means not taking things personally. Finding true love is the best thing anyone could do for themselves in a long-term relationship.