How Do Pop Music Charts Get Certified?


How Do Pop Music Charts Get Certified?

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There are some statistics based on certification alone. We might consider that millions of people were involved in the music business and only a few hundred made it to the top. Do you really think that there’s any meaning to numbers based on certification? Who would’ve thought that an industry that profits on the idea of being number one could have so little integrity? I can’t see why some people are so obsessed with certification while others aren’t interested in anything else.

When you look at the official charts for most artists, you’ll see that they were put in place by their label or manager. But when you talk about artists like Rihanna, who has the Schweizer HitParade chart title, or Bruno Mars with the big red “BRAVO” tattoo, it seems as though it’s all about labels. Why do labels put out phenomenal pop songs and sell millions of records with them? It’s because they know that it sells. It’s because people want to hear that song, and it helps their careers. They don’t care about anything else other than making sure that it makes it to the top of the charts.

You know what’s real? Music isn’t about certifications, rankings, or any of that. It’s about connecting on a human level with someone, something that transcends the barriers of race, education, and even comfort. The great thing about this new millennium is that artists can be judged on more than just their music, they can be judged on how well they market themselves, on what they have to offer to the world around them, on the power of their words and their performances, on what kind of billboards they have out there that people go gaga over.