Why Gamers Are Good at What They Do

PCs and consoles both offer multiplayer games, but they differ greatly in how much technical knowledge is needed. Consoles are easier to set up and maintain, and you can begin playing immediately after opening the box. In contrast, PCs and consoles need technical know-how to install new hardware, as well as install updates and sequels. PCs generally cost less than consoles, but some games only run on consoles. You should think about what types of games you want to play, and which system is more convenient for your needs.

Gamers tend to be quick-thinking, which makes them better decision makers in stressful situations. If you ask someone who plays video games if he’s quick-thinking, he or she might respond better in the hospital. Nevertheless, too much gaming can also make a person antisocial. While excessive gaming can lead to antisocial tendencies, many games promote social interaction. For example, some games require players to interact with other gamers, which can improve social skills.

Gamers also collect and preserve video games. Retrogaming, which focuses on games from the early decades, has become a collectible art form, with some games reaching over $100,000. Preservation is a growing concern, as game media degrades and the hardware used to play them fails to keep up with the test of time. Furthermore, most game developers have disappeared, and records of their games have been lost. That means that gamers should take action to protect their collection.