What Is Love?

Love is a complex and multifaceted concept. Though most of us define it as a deep and passionate feeling, it is a complex and dynamic concept that should be seen in a more dynamic manner. It is not a mere feeling; rather, it is a dynamic enactment of an emotion. For example, a person can love a dog or a cat, but can also love a person’s neighbor.

According to Badhwar, love is a complex of feelings, perceptions, and character structures. It is a continual affirmation of the person whom we love. We may also experience what Badhwar calls “the look of the love.” This is a reliable testimony of a loved one’s personality. Moreover, it is a reflection of our emotional attachment to others. We often associate love with sexual intercourse and erotic behaviors.

According to Solomon’s 1981, love is the union of two souls. He tries to make a new sense of the term by considering how lovers redefine themselves within the relationship. While the exact meaning of a “soul” is unclear, Solomon refers to the process through which lovers define themselves with each other. For example, Solomon’s definition of love means that we subject virtually all aspects of ourselves to the process of loving. It is the fusion of two individuals’ souls.

Despite these differences, many scientists believe that love is a complex emotion that evolved as a biological necessity. It helps us to focus our mating energy on a single person. The emergence of sexual attachment is a recent example of how a relationship develops. It can also be a metaphor for sexual attraction. In the case of a romantic relationship, the passion is often uncontrollable and involuntary. A Connecticut study conducted by Dorothy Tennov asked 400 people about their experiences of romantic love. Some participants reported feeling helpless, while others saw it as an irrational obsession.

In contrast, erotic love is focused on intense physical attraction and sex. It often involves intense intimacy, but it does not involve emotional attachment. The advocates of this type of love are unlikely to be committed and are comfortable ending the relationship. However, storge love is a more mature form of love. It emphasizes shared interests, open affection, and a sense of dependence. It is a kind of emotional bond. It is not a mental or physical bond, but an emotional relationship.

Another way to show love is to express it through touch. Whether it is physical touch or a more abstract form of touch, touching the person you are with can show your deep affection for them. A partner can sense the difference between two people, but not both of them can fully know each other. This is the most important aspect of a romantic relationship. And, it is the basis of many other types of relationships. But no matter how strong the bond between the two of you is, it will have a profound impact on the other person.