What Is Health?

Health is a state of well-being without disease or infirmity. According to the World Health Organization, health is a “state of complete physical and mental well-being.” However, different definitions have been used over the years, based on different purposes. The term “health” is commonly used by people to describe a variety of things, including being free from injury and suffering. In addition, there are also many definitions for health, including “well-being,” “good health,” and more.

World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as the total physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals. While this is a broad definition, it focuses on individual resources and capacities, and is an important resource for everyday life. The basic concept of health is to promote healthy activities and minimize unhealthy ones. There are several factors that affect a person’s health, and some are determined by an individual’s choices and environmental conditions. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your health.

The World Health Organisation has defined health as “a state of full physical, mental, and social well-being.” It emphasizes the importance of personal and social resources, and encourages people to participate in activities that are beneficial to their health. Moreover, health can also be defined in terms of the ability to deal with stress, develop skills, and maintain relationships. It is a life-long process that starts with self-care and ends with the promotion of good health.