The Psychology of Video Gaming


The Psychology of Video Gaming

Computer games or video games are an interactive electronic game which usually involves interaction using a personal computer or other device including keyboard, joystick, mouse, or some form of touch display device to generate visible output to the user. There are a wide range of different computer games and video games that one can choose from depending on their level of skill and experience for entertainment and/or education purposes. These games can be found online, bought from retail stores, and downloaded from a range of websites. The availability of various video games has resulted in an increase in the number of individuals who continue to play these games even when they are not in front of their personal computers.

Video game consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Play station 3, PlayStation, and the like have revolutionized the video gaming market. These devices run on proprietary software that requires a high level of skill to operate and do well in the game. However, this software is available at an affordable price and is capable of running on most types of operating systems. The advantage of using electronic games consoles to play video games is that they provide the gamer with a highly interactive and realistic gaming experience. Consoles and home console have limited interactivity compared to the high-end video games that can be purchased and played over the internet or from a trusted source.

In most cases, excessive gaming may result in the formation of certain mental conditions that lead to the development of depression, anxiety, stress, and a general sense of dissatisfaction. Gaming addiction is also a serious problem that should not be ignored. Those who have developed an addiction to video games may need professional help to get off of the addiction and avoid the development of other psychological disorders that often accompany excessive gaming. Gamers who are looking to improve their scores on their favorite sports games may also benefit from seeking expert advice before plunging into the competitive world of gaming.