The Difference Between Love And Friendship

In our society, we are told all the time that love is blind, but is it? Is love blind because it only treats the surface of what love is and does not offer any depth or substance to the feelings of love? I believe love is much deeper than that. Let me explain.

Love is a group of behaviors and emotions characterized by emotional intimacy, passion, commitment, caring, respect, and affection. However, love can vary tremendously in intensity and may vary significantly from one person to another. I call this “spark” or “love quotient” because love is a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain and the more passionate you are, the more chemical oxytocin your brain releases which causes you to be in romantic love, protective relationships, trusting relationships, and are attracted to people with similar traits.

Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter; therefore, every one of us has the potential to form love bonds and form passionate relationships with multiple partners. You don’t need to be in a sexual relationship for oxytocin to activate in your brain. All it takes is one sexual experience for you to have an activated “love button”. After that one experience, you will be drawn to that person like a moth to flame and feel a desire to be in their company for ever.

However, as you begin to get to know another person more intimately, you realize that the “love button” isn’t quite so easy to turn on and off. It only becomes accessible after a series of extremely loving experiences. This is when you understand the difference between affection and love. If you receive affection for a period of time and then are abruptly withdrawn, you will not feel a similar level of emotional attachment to that same person as before.

It is very important that you not confuse love and affection; there is a huge difference between them. If you are experiencing intense physical attraction to another person, that can lead you to developing an intense connection to them. However, this type of intense emotional bond is much different from a lasting romantic relationship. This type of relationship is based on deeper emotions, admiration, respect, care and concern.

On the other hand, when you are in a platonic relationship, you are experiencing attraction and closeness only for the purposes of having a physical relationship. Therefore, you will be less likely to develop true feelings of love and affection. Although it may be possible to fall in love with someone even in this platonic environment, you will not be able to develop true love in this type of a relationship. platonic relationships are built on a foundation of mutual attraction and closeness which leads to passion and intimacy, two other forms of long-lasting relationships.