The Definition of a Sport


The definition of a sport is wide and varied. It can include a variety of activities that are performed with known standards. The word sport has many definitions, including those that are competitive, recreational, or non-competitive. In many cases, the term “sport” refers to any activity where people participate in physical exercise for fun. For example, a baseball game may be called a “sport” if it includes baseball, soccer, or basketball.

The modern definition of a sport is based on its objective of achieving a particular physical goal. It also emphasizes improvement, which is a hallmark of sport. The development of modern sports has been marked by the rise of scientific advances. Throughout the last few centuries, the emphasis on quantitative achievements has grown. A cultural basis was created for sports records around the 17th century, when the word “measure” was first used. It has now been used as a verb, a concept that dates back nearly 200 years.

The word “sport” comes from the French word desporter, which means to amuse, please, or play. According to the dictionary, the word sports has been used since the 1400s. Early man used hunting and fishing to get food, so these activities were necessary for their survival. Later, the rich took up these activities for entertainment. The definition of a sport varies, but the concept of a sport should be a universal one.