Simple Mistakes in French Kissing and How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage


Simple Mistakes in French Kissing and How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage

A kiss is defined as the gentle pressing or touching of one’s lower lip against an object or another human being. Cultural definitions of kissing also vary widely, from the traditional gesture of a man kissing a woman to the more recent occurrence of a man and woman kissing on a plane, bus or train. For most people, however, a kiss is a simple action of putting your tongues together and gently rubbing them against each other. A simple peck on the cheek is often a response to a kiss. But why is kissing such a popular act? What makes it so special and different than any other type of physical contact?

One of the main reasons that kissing is so special is because it is such a simple move, compared to, say, hand gestures. When two people kiss, they are merely using their hands to explore and satisfy one another’s needs. They are not thinking about what someone else might feel; kissing is an expression of pure bliss. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. The act itself is special and meaningful to both partners in a relationship.

In addition, because kissing is such a simple move, the art of practicing it is easily achieved. By learning a few simple kissing techniques, anyone can learn how to kiss properly. Anyone can kiss properly provided they have a good base of technique and practice. The art of French kissing is easily achieved by anyone provided they learn a few simple techniques of proper kissing and apply them consistently.

So now that you know why French kissing is so special, let’s take a look at how you go about practicing the art of French kissing. To begin, when you kiss, put your lips close together and hold them there, as if you want to kiss your partner. As you feel ready, remove your lips and simply move them towards your partner’s mouth. The main goal here is to get your partner to feel your desire for him/her.

As you continue with this simple task, try to repeat after your partner. Start off by kissing your nose and then move to your lips, and repeat these simple tasks again until you feel yourself getting confident. Now, it’s time to test your confidence by asking your partner if you can kiss him/her just like that. As your partner answers, be sure to smile and laugh as you feel foolish. This is proof that you can do it, since you asked your partner to do it.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “sticky” secret is that French kissing isn’t only about the kissing part, but involves a lot more. To reiterate, just doing the actions and not thinking about the consequences is everything. Also, the kissing technique is nothing more than a means to design your experience with the kiss; it’s not an art. For more information on how to use this simple stupid principle, check out the resource box below.