Peace and Health – What is Health?


Peace and Health – What is Health?

The term “health” has been used for various purposes over time. According to the World Health Organization, health is the absence of disease, infirmity, or inability to cause harm to oneself or others. In its simplest form, health is the state of complete well-being. The World Bank, the United Nations, and other organizations have adopted various definitions for health. But in general, they all agree on the same definition of health: it is a state of complete well-being.

In simple terms, health is the ability to function normally in everyday life. It is also the capacity to maintain relationships. It is the capacity to deal with stress and develop skills. The Ottawa Charter highlights the link between physical and mental health and participation in society. It further defines health as “a means of well-being, a resource for everyday life, and the object of life.” In short, health is a fundamental human right. And it’s a fundamental part of achieving peace.

The World Health Organisation defines health as complete physical and mental well-being. It also includes social, economic, and environmental factors. In a recent report, the WHO stressed the importance of promoting healthy practices and eliminating unhealthy ones. This effort aims to reduce the number of people suffering from diseases. By reducing the number of unhealthful situations, we can help to promote health. We should avoid the worst possible situations and engage in more healthy activities.