Love Actually and Geese in The Netherlands (NL)


Love Actually and Geese in The Netherlands (NL)

Love is various types of mental attitudes, feelings, and thoughts. For some love is nothing more than being sexually attracted to someone, while for others love is an intense emotional attachment. Sometimes people confuse love and lust just as much.

In a recent episode of Married with Children, Michael Chiklis’s character, Patrick, talks about his love of his children saying, “Loved ones mean nothing. If I have a daughter, pataky says, then it’s a quality time. If I have a son, pataky says, then it’s a physical relationship.” Unfortunately, for both Chiklis and Patrick, love and lust are not the same thing. Love is a feeling, while lust is a desire.

In my opinion, the only true definition of love is unconditional love shared by two people. However, on a personal level, I would define love as the emotional bond created between two human beings by sharing a number-one quality time together. The sharing of quality time may take place during a warm shower in bed, while watching a film, or reading a good book. It could also take place while sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee. When the quality time is complete, then love has been demonstrated!

While watching The Bachelor, which recently became a reality TV series on ABC, I was very impressed with the chemistry between the lead character, Will Geese and his ex-wife, Desiree. At first I wondered why Geese, who clearly had high self-esteem, would consider having a romantic chat with a hooker. But, after watching the episode, I realized that Geese loved his ex-wife enough to want to reconnect with her. Therefore, it stands to reason that the positive figures based on certification alone are not enough to determine love.

Based on these positive figures based on certification alone, it is easy to conclude that Geese wanted to rekindle a romantic relationship with his former partner, Desiree. He sent her a gift, which came to symbolize his love for her. Although many people are quick to point out, “All men are potential burglars,” it is my observation that the majority of break-ups are caused by a man’s unwillingness to let go of a lover. Therefore, the act of rekindling an old love with a person whom he has not seen in ages, or met in person, shows great insight into male psychology. Furthermore, if one can successfully win back the love of a lifetime, then one has accomplished the task of love in a nutshell!

On my next post, I will discuss the official charts for Austria and the Netherlands (the countries in which Love Actually takes place). My intent is not to discredit the importance of statistics in assessing love. However, I will point out the inconsistencies between the certified love quotes in these two countries. For instance, while there are a lot of gaps between the Netherlands’ official charts and mine, I can at least provide you with the following comparison: The Netherlands has a lot taller men than women. Therefore, if geese want to get back together with their former partner, they may need to use some special product that helps them grow taller (e.g., tall apple, etc. ).