Kissing – What to Do When You’re New to It

A kiss is simply the touching or brushing of one’s lip against an object or another human being. Different cultural expectations of kissing also vary greatly. For example, in certain societies, kissing is seen as a symbol of affection, while in other societies, kissing is seen as obscene. In some cultures, kissing is actually forbidden during certain times and places, such as during wedding ceremonies and certain religions. However, regardless of what your beliefs are, kissing is a great way to communicate physical affection.

When performing the act of kissing, one should do it slowly and gently. While kissing, your partner should not be pulled away. Your actions should be a loving gesture, with the goal of expressing your love for your partner. You can express your love by kissing, holding hands or other types of physical closeness. Holding your partner close and kissing them on the cheek, the bridge of the nose and/or the lips is a way of showing how much you love them.

During a kiss – or any other type of physical closeness, remember that the entire body language involved should be warm, gentle and open. Use your eyes, mouth and gestures to convey your desire for your partner and their desire for you. Be patient and enjoy the moment – kissing is about emotions, so don’t become frustrated if it doesn’t work out as you would like at first. Another great way to improve your technique is to practice after having practiced your technique earlier in the day.

A kiss is not appropriate for every situation, so only try it out if you feel comfortable. A kiss can tell your partner that you are attracted to them – a kiss can also show that you want to make a connection with them. If you know your partner well enough, you can use your kiss as a way of starting a conversation with them. This can be a good way of breaking the ice if you are meeting someone for the first time.

Try and gauge your partner’s reaction before you kiss them. Is there any tension? Is there any doubt as to whether they like the kiss? How well do they know you and what does this kiss feel like? Your partner might be pleasantly surprised when they realize just how much you really do love them.

After your first kiss – don’t just stop there. Try and kiss them again! Kiss your partner often during the day and in public places. You may feel uncomfortable when you kiss them, but remember that being comfortable is quite different from being crazy. A small amount of comfort can go a long way in terms of making your relationship stronger.