Kissing Techniques


In western cultures, the act of kissing marks the start of romantic entanglement between two people. However, while first kisses are generally a symbol of new life and romance, they can also be stressful experiences. In fact, some studies have shown that kissing can spread 80 million bacteria. The Brazilian government has warned women to avoid kissing if they are pregnant. This is because many bacteria associated with periodontal disease can be passed to the lips when kissing.

If you are nervous about kissing, remember that the best kiss is when both partners are satisfied and have fun. Avoid heavy make-out sessions and try to keep the kiss short and sweet. Also, be aware of your partner’s body language, as this can give you clues as to how your partner feels. For example, people often close their eyes during kissing, but this is not necessarily the best way to kiss. Instead, rest your hands on your partner’s lower back and hips while kissing.

Various cultures also practice different forms of kissing. In sub-Saharan tribes, for example, couples rarely kiss in front of European ethnographers. However, the Sami in Europe and the Chilangos in Southeastern India press their noses against their partners’ cheeks while inhaling. Similarly, Eskimos use a form of kissing that does not involve the lips. This is a good way to give a subtle hint to your crush about your intentions.

If you are not sure about the kissing technique, try reenacting the iconic scene in the movie “Spiderman” by using different parts of the body. Similarly, the famous scene in the 2002 film depicts Spiderman kissing Mary Jane while hanging upside down on a web. You can recreate the scene while lying in bed or at a jungle gym. While a kiss on the head can give you the feeling of safety and intimacy, it can also leave your partner uncomfortable.

While movies and television shows may make kissing appear romantic, it is best to ask your partner’s permission before performing this act. Many people mistakenly assume that they need to ask their partner’s permission before performing a kiss. This can make the situation awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. A simple peck on the shoulder or lingering kiss on the neck can express your affection in public. If you can’t afford a kiss, try other ways to show your affection.

Some cultures consider a kiss on the neck as a sign of passionate love. Neck kisses are associated with lust and sexual innuendos. A neck kiss can easily turn into steamy action in bed. You should only perform this kiss when you feel strongly about the person you’re attempting to kiss. If you’re in the mood for some steamy action, you should try kissing the neck. It can be a wonderful gesture of foreplay!

Many diseases can be transmitted through a kiss. Some of these viruses can spread through blood and saliva. The virus is much higher in the blood than it is in the saliva, which means that the kiss can infect the mucous membranes lining the different body cavities. Kissing is particularly dangerous for people with open sores in their mouths. Additionally, warts can be transmitted through kissing, particularly if they have recently been injured.