Kiss – Is It Really The Same As It Seems?


Kiss – Is It Really The Same As It Seems?

Kissing has been a part of our lives since time immemorial. The early Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians all agree on the fact that it is a gesture of affection. It expresses love and a sense of belonging to someone or something. It is often linked to romances especially in literature and Hollywood movies. A kiss is usually the simple touching or brushing of one’s lip against an object or another human or an animal. Its meaning and connotation are as varied as people’s thoughts and emotions.

Historically, a kiss was the lone expression of affection between couples. In ancient times, courtship and marriage duties required kissing, as did everything regarding childbearing and motherhood. Social norms were favorable towards these simple gestures. For example, a boy going to the same school as his girl was most likely to kiss her and tell her he was going to kiss her. In the past, a kiss was even considered a sign of an affair between lovers.

However, in today’s contemporary society, the definition of a kiss has undergone some changes. A kiss may now be anything from a simple peck on the cheek to a tongue-tied embrace. There are people who do not even like the idea of a romantic kiss between people who are not engaged to each other. To them, such a simple action as kissing is nothing but a display of superficial physical affection. To these people, true love cannot be expressed by means of a simple physical act such as a kiss.

To put it simply, a kiss -whether it is a romantic kiss or just a simple one – is an expression of physical and emotional bonding between two people. Therefore, the same kiss -which is one of the most commonly shared expressions between couples can be interpreted in different ways by different people. While for some people a kiss means ‘I love you’ while for others it signifies something else altogether; still others believe that there is nothing special about a kiss. In a nutshell, a kiss does not mean much by itself.

For those who have a good relationship with their opposite sex, the practice of kissing is considered to be normal. A lot of people, especially those who are members of the younger generation, are getting into relationships or marriages with people of their opposite sex. However, there are others who find it strange to kiss another person. If you are one of those who do not like the thought of a kiss, you can use your imagination and creativity in finding ways around it. You could start by using your own tongue to kiss someone else.

Another alternative is to try out the idea of ‘vanishing in the sun’. Just like the majority of people, you too would want to keep in shape and look attractive. By ‘vanishing in the sun’, we mean that you would like to spend some time by yourself. You could also practice ‘kissing under the sun’ – where you cover your face with a scarf and practice kissing with other people who come along. Once you become familiar with the idea, you could even go as far as kissing someone who is half way between you and your partner.