How to Make Beauty a More Important, Universal Concept in Our World


The topic of beauty has historically been controversial. Its political associations have often been problematic, especially in relation to race and gender. Early twentieth-century philosophy and the social justice movement failed to address these issues. These issues have become increasingly important in the present, as we seek to find ways to reclaim our sense of beauty. The following are some of the main problems associated with beauty. Let us examine some of them. Here’s how to make beauty a more important, universal concept in our world.

Beauty is an essential quality, which distinguishes art from non-art. It can be ascribed to objects, which are comparable to other forms of art. The definition of beauty in philosophy has many different definitions. Plotinus defined it as ‘formedness,’ a characteristic of something that resembles its kind. Thus, beauty is the ability to achieve this form. The same thing applies to the arts. The art of beauty is as valuable as its material value.

Various philosophers have related beauty to suitability for use. In ancient Greece, hedonist Aristippus took a more direct approach, claiming that everything is good. Socrates, on the other hand, asserted that beauty is a product of a person’s usefulness. For example, an object with a smooth and rounded chin is aesthetically beautiful. Moreover, a perfect face has symmetrical facial features.