How to Kiss – Some Simple Advice For Men

If you are a guy, then you probably know that there is only one person that you should kiss: yourself. It is not important who else lives with you or who is around you. A kiss is always a kiss. You may be interested in a particular woman, but there is only one person that should be kissed and that is yourself. So, if you think that there is anyone that you should kiss then you need to take a deep breath, relax and remember what you did in high school when you got your heart broken. Continue reading to discover more about the top 7 reasons why guys want to kiss and why they do the things they do.

When you kiss other people you get in the way of the relationship. Remember that it is always nice to have some spice in the relationship, but kissing other people can take that spice away from you. A kiss is a kiss, no matter what the two people are doing or who the two people are with. It does not matter who the kiss is with, that is not what makes a kiss great.

When you kiss someone you start to test the other person’s buttons. A kiss is not like a tickle or a hug, a kiss is much more than that. Kissing tests the other person’s boundaries and you could push him or her too far. Do not make out when you first start dating, let your true feelings show. Kissing makes the world smaller and you can see more clearly than you normally do.

There is a reason that the old saying comes to mind “You shouldn’t smooch another person before you have kissed them.” Smooshing someone means you have just started to fall in love. Remember that love does not begin in a kiss, it begins in a brown-eyed girl showing her teeth for the first time. Love can be shared with anything that feels right to both people. Even if you only kiss to say I love you after you have had your brown-eyed crush for a while.

The thing about kissing is that, in general, it is more painful than it should be. Most people are afraid of pain, so they shy away from kissing, or at the very least kiss in secret. Why don’t we just get over our fear of pain and just go ahead and kiss? You know how kissing is supposed to feel, it is supposed to feel good, right? I am going to tell you exactly how to kiss, because I want to teach you guys how to kiss.

The first thing that you need to know when learning how to kiss is where to kiss. Most people are afraid of kissing on places like their mouths, but those places hurt and there is no need to put anyone in danger when kissing. Just find a spot where there is not a lot of people, like on their tongues or on their backs. That way, you are less likely to get rejected when trying makeout.