How Do We Define Beauty?


How Do We Define Beauty?

The classical conception of beauty consists of orderly arrangements of integral parts that create a coherent whole. This is the most primordial conception of beauty and is the foundation of classical and neo-classical art. In the Metaphysics and Poetics of Aristotle, order is a crucial component of beauty, and symmetry is one of the chief forms of order. In other words, order is definiteness. But how do we define beauty?

The term beauty is defined as the combination of aesthetic qualities that please the human senses. Depending on the definition, beauty can include symmetry of the face, age, colour, race, gender, body shape, weight, or any number of other characteristics. The word is also used to describe artistic creations in popular culture. The concept of beauty is not limited to visual experience; it is also a perceptual experience. Hence, there are several aspects that make a work beautiful.

Although there is a diversity of definitions for beauty, it generally refers to the aesthetic quality of a work. Its relevance depends on the unique character of the work, but it is always a good guide. As a general rule, beauty is a quality of high value. It contrasts with ‘pretty’ and ‘unbaffling’. It is not used to evaluate all works, however. It is important to note that there are certain criteria by which beauty must meet.