How Can I Form Love Attraction Again?


How Can I Form Love Attraction Again?

Love is a complex set of behaviors and emotions characterized by emotional intimacy, intense passion, commitment, and caring. It involves emotional connection, closeness, trust, security, attraction, compassion, and desire. Love can change over time and may vary in intensity. However, in all love there is always a desire to meet someone new or find a lasting relationship.

Love has different characteristics depending on the way it is expressed by the two people involved. In romantic relationships, love is normally expressed through physical attraction. Physical attractions are usually based on a shared interest or similar hobbies, ideas, or lifestyle choices.

Love is also based on feelings. It does not have to involve physical attraction in order to be expressed. Feelings include the need for security, trust, compassion, safety, approval, the ability to communicate effectively with another person, intimacy, closeness, and an emotional connection. Many of these same feelings are needed in relationships that involve only one person.

For some, romantic love is fleeting. It exists when two people are together and may only exist within the confines of that relationship. Other people enjoy romantic love and spend long, meaningful years in relationships that span the globe. Some relationships develop so much emotion that the two people involved lose touch with each other and it is considered as a romantic love death. When death is involved, then grief and funeral arrangements must take place.

With all of the wonderful feelings that can come from romantic love, it is important to note that it is not always easy to maintain. Love relationships may go stagnant because the couple loses sight of the importance of the closeness they once had. When feelings of closeness die down and the couple does not feel any more drawn to each other, then it is time for the relationship to move on.

As mentioned earlier, love is a two-way street. There can be no single person who would not like to be in love and being in love is not always easy. Sometimes feelings of love turn into a bitter hatred and those feelings need to be rekindled if the relationship is to last. If you have lost your spouse, a new partner, or someone you thought was a great friend, then do not ever forget the love you felt for this person. By remembering the special feelings you had for this other person, you can form love attraction again.