Examples of Animal Research


Examples of Animal Research

Many people wonder what is an animal. Well, the definition of an animal is: Any of various vertebrates with a nervous system and capable of moving about on two feet. The animal kingdom has many classifications, but in general, animals are categorized into three main groups: land animals, aquatic animals, and reptiles. Humans belong to the amphibious group. There are many other animals that are considered to be part of one of these three main categories.

There are many uses for animals in research today. In fact, it is estimated that there are over one hundred thousand animals in laboratories throughout the world. Most of the research done in animal research is for the purpose of looking at how animals behave in specific situations. This research also helps scientists learn more about the physical body systems of animals and their respective abilities. For example, it has been found that cats do not have the same muscular systems as dogs, which allows researchers to understand why certain cats will perform a particular trait and why another may not.

One interesting area of animal research involves studying the way animals use the sun to fuel their bodies. This research is important because it allows scientists to discover if animals have any needs that could be fulfilled by using the sun’s energy. For example, the animal Kingdom includes a number of different kinds of mammals. Mammals, as all of you probably know, are cold-blooded creatures that depend on the temperature of the surrounding environment to regulate internal body temperatures. Other examples include: finches, bats, birds, reptiles, mole-like species and even fish.

Because of this research, some tax dollars have been put aside for animal experimentation. In fact, the government has been very supportive of animal research in general. Recently, the Bush administration approved more tax dollars for animal experimentation. One reason they have been successful in finding ways to finance the projects is because Congress has provided a lot of money. The amount is dependent on how often the government would like to invest in animal experiments. Unfortunately, most tax dollars go unclaimed each year because most people just do not see the need for animal experiments.

There are also several examples include the study of bacteria and other organisms. These studies are necessary for the development of medicines to fight diseases that humans have. These research efforts are necessary because the life spans of some organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, are limited. In order to extend their lives, researchers must learn how to alter these organisms’ DNA so that they can grow longer. This can be accomplished by breeding different viruses and bacteria to see what combinations produce a longer-lived version of the organism.

Perhaps you are wondering what types of animal research the government is involved with. The answer varies from pet animals to farm animals to laboratory animals. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) funds studies that seek to learn how drugs affect wild animals. Researchers also conduct studies to learn how house pets behave when exposed to different odors. These types of studies are crucial to protecting domestic animals from dangerous situations.