Aerosmith – Kiss Me Now

You’ve seen them in concert, on TV, and on the movies – but do you actually know how to kiss a girl? Kissing is a great way to express your love and affection for another person. It can make a long distance relationship last longer. It’s also a great way to impress that someone special. I’ll show you how to kiss a girl.

This is a short lesson in basics for kissing a girl. The first time I saw them, I assumed it was going to be some kind of a crazy fan club performance. But that wasn’t the case. This was the opening night of their first album, Fearless, which came out in February 1974. They opened with a cover of “Dirty Laundry,” which is just what you’d expect from a band that began as a fan club favorite. It didn’t take long for me to realize that these guys were about to revolutionize the art of Kissing.

During their second song on the Fearless album, “Reunited,” they were sporting these thick black eyeliner and lipstick. These guys had really grown. They were pulling off the stage makeup and hair and living a “rock star” lifestyle. They were so good looking back then, that I remember thinking, wow, they must spend a lot of money to have those looks.

A year later, I saw them again at the MTV awards. This time around I thought they were a little more polished and had the look of a well prepared stage performer. I watched as they both took home the trophy. That night, they were celebrating their 17th year of touring. And as I watched them celebrate, I wondered what the secret was that allowed these two years of success to happen. After all, isn’t that what being a rock star is all about?

My next encounter with Aerosmith was actually at a friend’s birthday party. I was at this party and they happened to have some Aerosmith records in the house. They asked if I wanted to hear the songs from these records. Being a huge fan, I of course accepted their offer and spent the rest of the evening listening to them.

After the evening was over, my friend and I discussed how much fun it was to see the original members up on stage. As you can probably imagine, they told me a few interesting stories about their early days and how much they still enjoy playing together. So, whether you enjoyed Kiss Me Now or not, remember how special it was to see Aerosmith up on stage, knowing that they are back where they belong.