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Challenge, The (DVD)

Estranged teen sisters who live on opposite sides of the country are brought together as teammates in the television program "The Challenge," a "Survivor"-style game show set in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In order to win the grand prize-college scholarships-the siblings will have to reconcile their differences, work together and keep their romances a secret from the show's producers!

Combining the effervescent Olsen twins with the sizzling popularity of a Survivor-style reality show, The Challenge is a seemingly perfect concoction for Mary Kate and Ashley fans. In this G-rated jaunt, the perky twins play Shane and Lizzie, two estranged sisters who are unwittingly cast together to compete as teammates in seven grueling contests. Residing on separate coasts after their parent's divorce, the girls are polar opposites: Lizzie is ambitious and high-strung, while Shane is a tree-hugging vegetarian. Now in Mexico, they will eat, sleep, and socialize as one while a ruthless producer hopes the ensuing sibling controversy will spike the show's ratings. Amid the daring feats and romantic entanglements, the twins realize that their greatest challenge will be to accept each other's differences. If viewers overlook the painfully contrived plot and deplorable acting, the result is a clean, family film that goes no deeper than a pretty face. (Ages 7 to 12) --Lynn Gibson


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