So Little Time – School’s Cool (Vol. 1)

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SCHOOL'S COOL For 14-year olds Chloe and Riley Carlson (Mary-Kate and Ashley), high school is a lot of work--besides dating, partying, and shopping at the mall, they have to go to classes, too! This collection of So Little Time episodes finds Chloe and Riley taking on weird biology partners, dumb after-school jobs and disastrous class projects...but even gym class is bearable with your best friend along! Episodes at the head of the class include "Breakfast Club", "Color of Money", "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", "True Lies", "Trading Places", and "Teacher's Pet" (only on DVD). DVD extra features include hilarious blooper out-takes, a trivia quiz, photo gallery, and trailers. The VHS edition includes a behind-the-scenes featurette.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen expand their media empire with this compilation of episodes from their TV show, So Little Time. The impish twins play Riley and Chloe, teenage sisters; Riley is earnest and straight-laced, while Chloe is frivolous and yearns to be edgy. In a typical episode, the twins have each cheated on school projects (Riley on a sewing design, Chloe on a cooking assignment), but their efforts are found out and they have to apologize. However, this summary makes the show sound more moralistic than it comes across. It's actually not very didactic, and though the twins aren't great actresses, they have an undeniable charm. Also, for a show so clearly targeting a young demographic, much of the humor seems aimed at parents--one episode features a parody of the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, which I doubt many teens have seen. --Bret Fetzer


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