Olsen Twins Still Hold Hands As They Did As Kids – February/2018

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen had their show for The Row’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection at the Noguchi Museum in Queens, New York. Still standing there with Starbucks and long coats, they gave out crystals to the guests.

There were two crystals, one for harmony and one for protection. They came with cleaning instructions.

Everyone was given a crystal, black or white. Clear quartz crystals were meant to be used for “universal harmony,” or balancing and revitalizing the “physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.” Black tourmaline crystal were specifically for “protection.”

The Row Crystal

And you can trust me on this, Mary Kate and Ashley when they were young used to grab each other’s hands and squeeze 3 times. When showing their mary-kate and ashley Brand lines, or any event. In an old interview as teens

Mary Kate said, “We had this little thing, we love each other. We’d squeeze each other three times, then I’ll squeeze her hand back like four times, like I love you too”.

You can see them doing the same in the video at their show. Mary Kate was seen whispering in Ashley’s ear and left soon after.