ashley and mary kate olsen fashion

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Fashion

ashley and mary kate olsen fashion

From acting to fashion designing, the Olsen twins have done it again. They have invested a lot in their clothing lines and passion for the fashion industry and their input has finally paid off. Although this is not new to them, fashion design seems to be going really well for them. Their publicity and acknowledgment are well worth it because the lines portray their professionalism and a look out for the modern woman. They have thoughtfully crafted their work to accommodate women of all ages and class.

Mary Kate And Ashley have been working since they were 9 months old. Fashion designing came about much later. Although the line Elizabeth & James seems to be recently hyped, the line was actually created back in the year 2007. It has been in the hands of a Los Angeles Jaya Apparel group for all this time until the girls took it back.

It is important to point out that just because these lines sound new to the fashion world doesn’t mean that they are. Just like any other professional out there, these two began their business from the ground up. Just like their acting ability, their fashion design prowess is attributed to their passion and talent. The two have earned their success. Although they never attended a design school, Ashley learned her skill during her internship with a notable fashion designer known as Zac Posen. Mary Kate, on the other hand, learned hers when she was an intern with a pro photographer known as Annie Leibovitz.

Both the designer lines, Elizabeth & James and The Row are both based at their headquarters at 609 Greenwich Street in New York. Their initial focus was on product expansion and international growth which they have achieved and successfully continue to do so.

In an interview at their headquarters, the girls stated that it has been a slow and steady growth for The Row with a lot of strategies employed. The timing was just right when the line finally earned its recognition.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are a very dedicated pair when it comes to their production’s quality and makes. Anyone would assume that managing two new lines at the same time would be hectic. However, the 30-year old twins have been doing a great job so far. The fact that these are both in-house lines makes the task quite easier to handle. They pay equal attention to both lines in order to keep them at a balance and it seems to be working out quite well.

Elizabeth & James is based on the modern woman’s wardrobe which emphasizes on effortless dressing. Under it’s product line are; Ready to wear outfits, handbags. eyewear, jewelry, and fragrances. The Spring 2017 shed even more spotlight on to this line as they had impressive designs for indeed, the everyday woman. The color theme for this collection was white and blue while the idea is popularly considered as “Loosely layered Bohemian” outfits. Some of the outfits incorporated both while others focused on individual shades. However, there were other colors incorporated such as peach and brown but nothing out of the norm. As per the initial idea, the collection was for the everyday woman.

According to them, their high end fashion lines focus more about an understated sense of elegance that dances along the luxurious lines of pro brands such as Giorgio Armani and Brunello Cucinelli. Their idea on high-end fashion lines were founded on the idea of whether their good products would sell even if they had no label on them. Just to out a print of identity on theirs, they decided to go for a gold chain which is sewn on to the clothes. Just like true professionals, they took it one product at a time to where they are today.

The main idea behind the row was the desire to create the perfect tee-shirt. Their first batch was made on a lingerie machine still in downtown L.A. After a successful launch, the duo moved to New York and later established their second successful line, Elizabeth & James in the year 2007. The two masterminds have also established a third line which is a juniors label, Olsenboye.

It is a successful line, The Row is stocked in 188 stores in 37 countries. It has a reputation for fine fabrics and easy tailoring. Mary Kate emphasizes that their collection under The Row is popular for a number of factors. Their fabrics are known to have a stretch to them, tailoring the clothes is impressively easy and a fine wool that doesn’t just sit on the body but moves along with it hence comfort.

In accordance with their hard work on their fashion lines, Mary Kate And Ashley have 60 employees working for them. Many of these have experience with other notable designers in the fashion industry which contributes to their success. Most of their clothing items are perfected using reinforced stitching, beading, and hand embroidery.

While at it, the Olsens have rightfully risen above their celebrity designers status with some of their top notch products. Almost all of the items in their collection is made in the USA apart from the made in Italy handbags. These are a fave for the wealthy.

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