Elizabeth & James 200 Series Watch

Elizabeth & James 200 Series Watch – Digital/Mirrored

Elizabeth & James 200 Series Watch

Elizabeth & James 200 Series Watch

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen have released their Elizabeth & James 200 Series Watch inspired by the 1970’s digital LED technology. The strap is made of rubber and consists of a mirrored mineral crystal face. When the display isn’t on, which comes on and off by the press of a button, the watch becomes a mirror and you can see how good you look. Take that iPhone!

You can get them in 5 different colors; Silver, Gunmetal, Sky, Chartreuse, and Royal, with a black or white strap for $200. You get it? Elizabeth & James 200 Series.

“The 200 series applies our minmalist design values to the world of technology,” said Ashley Olsen. While her sister Mary Kate Olsen explains, “The 200 series captures our shared nostalgia for the watches from our youth but reimagined in a sleek design.”

“It took nearly two years of development,” Ashley also said. “We researched the market and knew we wanted to take a different approach from both a design, functionality, and distribution perspective.”

“We wanted to incorporate this technology that is virtually unchanged since its introduction in the ’70s. We worked with an amazing designer that shared the same vision and passion for the digital function,” says Mary Kate.

“Simplicity was a design goal to match the simple functionality,” Mary Kate added.

As Ashley sees it, “The 200 Series watch is for the woman who is confident and wants something that is simple and unique. She has nostalgia for digital watches in the same way that Mary Kate and I do.”

Mary Kate And Ashley are officially lauching their products online, “The launch of e-commerce came naturally,” says Mary Kate.

“Launching this capsule e-commerce platform is the next step in evolving the brand experience and connecting with our customer,” adds Ashley. “We’re excited to see the response and roll out additional categories online next year.”

“This is a way for us to start dealing directly with the customer,” Mary Kate said. “To really understand who she is without overextending ourselves.”

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